Tora brings a unique style of contemporary Japanese cuisine and a sophisticated design. The heart of the restaurant is the Robata grill, source of a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere that surrounds the restaurant.
Izakaya style, where there is no protocol to order food and where food can be shared at the center of the table or enjoyed individually.


Spicy Crunchy Octopus Baby arugula honey wasabi wafu 120 g
Rock Shrimp Baby arugula . spicy mayo . chives 180 g
Robata Shishito Pepper Olive oil . maldon salt
Fried Tofu Arugula salad . avocado . sweet chilly sauce
Crab Cakes Watercress salad . honey . wasabi wafu
Fire Balls Rice balls . Alaskan King Crab meat . spicy mayo masago . torched tableside
Hamachi Cheek Robata grilled . teriyaki sauce or smoked soy sauce
Edamame Robata grilled . maldon salt
Colossal Soft Shell Crab Tempura . honey wasabi wafu


Kaluga Queen Caviar 60 years’ Sturgeon 5gm
Tartare Duo Black tobiko . rice cracker . Ora King Salmon . Bluefin Tuna
Tuna Pizza Japanese Big Eye . toasted pita bread . avocado fried leek . negui
Tartare Chips Spicy potato chips . topped with salmon tuna and hamachi tartare white truffle oil . lime caviar
Seabass Escabeche Carrot . red onion . coriander . thai chilli
Octopus Carpaccio Yuzu . aji amarillo . guindilla pepper . shiso dressing black salt . daikon
Japanese Wagyu A5 New York Tataki Pepper crust . nori cracker . shaved black truffle . habanero ponzu mayo
Hamachi Tartare Habanero wafu . lime caviar . white truffle oil . tobiko
Wagyu A5 New York Tartare Nori cracker . lime caviar . white truffle oil . tobiko
Toro Tartare Lime caviar . white truffle oil . tobiko . habanero wafu nori crackers


Spicy Coconut Lemongrass Soup Crab wonton
Ginger Edamame Soup White truffle oil . crispy leek . crab wonton
Five Spice Calamari Sala Organic lettuce mix . crispy calamari rings . roasted bell pepper grilled mushrooms . ginger . sesame dressing
Seared Tuna Salad Organic mixed greens . avocado . yellow beet cherry tomatoes
Miso Tofu Soup Spicy Lobster Miso Soup


Served With Spicy Ponzu

Sweet Corn . Ginger . Truffle Oil
Prawn and Thai Chilli
Creamy Spicy Crab Meat


Served with Dashi tempura, Sweet Spicy Habanero mayo

Shrimp U10 5 pieces
Catch of the day 110g
Lobster 180g
Assorted Veggies


Served with Dashi tempura, Sweet Spicy Habanero mayo

Hamachi Tiradito Jalapeño ponzu . fried leek . jalapeño 120g
Seared Hamachi Fig . eel sauce . daikon 120g
Seared Tuna Sashimi Tangerine ponzu . crispy garlic . cilantro . red onion 120g
Octopus Tiradito Serrano . ponzu . radish . cilantro shoots . aji panka
USDA Prime New York Sashimi Habanero wafu . tobiko . white truffle oil 120 g
Ora King Salmon Tiradito Flambéed . ponzu sauce 120 g
Japanese Big Eye Tuna Sashimi Anchovy aioli . lime caviar . black tobiko 80 g
Sashimi Platter Japanese Big Eye Tuna . Ora King Salmon . Hamachi Colossal Alaskan Cluster


Japanese Wagyu A5

New York 225 g
Picaña 225g
Rib Eye 225g

From The Sea

Nigerian Colossal Shrimp (U2) Garlic butter . ginger 300 g each
Smoked Tasmanian Trout - to share - 800 g
Super colossal Octopus Habanero wafu 225 g
Ora King Salmon The finest salmon in the world 225 g
Giant Mediterranean Carabineros 3 pieces


Served with clarified butter
Caribbean Tail 350 g
Australian Cold Water Tail 200 g
Australian Cold Water Tail 500 g
Maine Whole . Price according to weight per 100 g


USDA Prime Spicy Fillet 225 g
USDA Prime New York 225 g
USDA Prime Rib Eye 225 g
Australian Tomahawk Grass fed . organic AAA quality 1,400 g
Pork Ribs Asian spices sauce . cashews green onion 460 g
Short Rib Asian spices . ginger . honey . spicy sauce 500 g


Spicy Beef Ginger spicy sauce
Kurobuta Ginger & honey spicy sauce
Chicken Wings Sake . mirin
Colossal Scallops U8 Asian spices crust white truffle oil mousse


Asparagus Teriyaki sauce
Royal Trumpet
Sishito Peppers
Brussel Sprouts
Corn on the Cob Shiso butter


Grilled Seabass Miso mustard . magnolia leaf 220 g
Black Cod With Miso Miso reduction 220g
New York Aged In Japanese Whiskey 32 days 220 g
USDA Prime New York Smoked miso sauce 220 g - fresh shaved black truffle extra
Hot Fire Alaskan King Crab Yuzu . soy wafu 220g
Japanese A5 Wagyu Rib Eye Teppanyaki Enoki . shimeji mushrooms . bok choy . spring onion 80g
Omakase Box Fresh catch flown in from Japan. chef’s suggestion or to choose Nigiri, Sashimi or Robata


Japanese Mushrooms Fresh shaved black truffle
Crab Meat Thai chilli . scallions
Seafood Prawns . clams . mussels . salmon . serrano pepper


(Japanese taco . two pieces)

Salmon Stuffed nori cracker . spicy wafu . avocado . fresh salmon and robata grilled salmon . crispy salmon skin
Tuna Stuffed nori cracker . spicy wafu . avocado . fresh tuna
Soft Shell Crab Stuffed nori cracker . spicy wafu . avocado . crab salad and crab tempura


California King Crab Roll Alaskan King Crab . avocado . mixed sesame seeds spicy wafu . crab salad and tobiko
Spicy Tuna Roll Fresh tuna . spicy mayo . avocado . cucumber . jalapeño crispy tortilla bits . tobiko . shiracha
Spicy Yellowtail Hamachi tartare . cucumber . soy . marinated fresh hamachi green pepper . yuzu mayo . microgreens
Tempura Prawn Tempura prawn . masago . cucumber . eel . avocado spicy tamarind sauce
Cucumber Roll Spicy tempura shrimp . avocado . spicy wafu . hamachi tartare cucumber wrap . onion flakes
Cosmo Roll Breaded shrimp . cucumber . avocado . fresh salmon habanero wafu . cilantro
Dragon Roll Breaded shrimp . asparagus . eel . avocado . eel sauce mixed sesame seeds . spicy wafu
Angry Dragon Shrimp tempura . spicy wafu . asparagus . avocado tuna . kimchy sauce . cucumber
Spider Roll Crispy soft shell crab . avocado . yuzu wafu spicy wafu . cilantro
Salmon Two Ways Raw salmon . roasted salmon . avocado . cucumber . spicy wafu tamarind sauce and tobiko
Eel roll Crispy eel . eel tempura . asparagus . Japanese Big Eye Tuna sweet and spicy sauce


Nigiri Sampler (6 or 10 pieces ) spicy ponzu . smoked jalapeño . aioli

Eel Alaskan King Crab
Hamachi Shrimp
Octopus Toro
Canadian Salmon Kampachi
Ora King Salmon Japanese Big Eye Tuna