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The culinary tradition of Robata began as an ancient practice among Japanese fishermen, who had to take long journeys during fishing season. They would get together around the warmth of the Robata’s fire to share the day’s reward, respectfully admiring the preparation of their meal.

The menu is comprised of stunning dishes from Japanese cuisine, with both hot and cold dishes such as top quality sushi, maki, nigiri and sashimi and outstanding artistic presentations.

Japanese Kobe Tora Mexico

Japanese Kobe subjected to a strict quality program, where cattle are fed barley and beer. Cuts of the highest A5 quality are brought from Japan by plane, to Tora´s kitchen.

New York aged in Japanese whiskey for 32 days Tora Mexico

New York aged in Japanese whiskey for 32 days, which gives the meat a smooth smoky flavor of whiskey. A gastronomic experience that awakens new flavors and sensations.

South African and Australian lobsters Tora Mexico

Exclusive products delivered especially to TORA® such as Caviar from Caspian Sea, from fish that are up to 90 year’s old; Ora King Salmon prized as the world’s finest salmon, coveted South African and Australian lobsters, Nigerian Tiger shrimp U2, a gourmet product for its great flavor and striking size, or Blue Japanese Tuna, with a diet of only squid, which gives it a distinctive flavor.

Nigiris Tora Mexico

TORA® is the only restaurant in Mexico where you can enjoy Aged sushi, through a traditional Japanese technique of aging fish, it is wrappedin salted seaweed, resulting in a final product with an enhanced and unique flavor.

Omakase Tora Mexico

Sampler of the highest quality fresh fish, flown in daily from Japan and hand-picked by our Chef.

Mitsunori Ichikawa, is the renowned Chef in charge of Tora’s kitchen. His recipes are a result of his Japanese origin, combining his technique with exquisite ingredients and fresh products of the highest quality

Japanese Whisky Tora Mexico

Japanese Whisky is considered number one in the world and is highly coveted. In TORA®, we serve it on the rocks, in frozen glasses, on top of an artisan ice ball, hand sculpted in the moment. The "Banshaku" ice cubes don’t melt as quickly and keep optimal temperature without changing whisky’s attributes.

Our ice blocks made with distilled water, are perfect example of the importance of Japanese aesthetics and beauty which gives a touch of elegance and sensuality.

Japanese Whisky Tora Mexico
  • Infussion Ball Tora Mexico

With a minimalist design expressing elegance, these spheres are filled with natural flavor and fresh ingredients, combined with our signature infusions.